Settling Tank or Gunbarrel at Onshore Oil Treatment Facility

gunbarrel settling tank schematic

Gunbarrel or settling tank schematic

Crude oil outputted from the production separator still contain some water, before it goes to the storage the water-oil emulsion must be broken to reduce the water content or dehydrated. This process is typically known as oil treating process.

The crude emulsion may contain some salt. This salt is removed by adding 5 % fresh water to dehydrated oil then dehydrated again to remove the water.

Settling tank or gunbarrel is commonly used to tread oil at onshore facility. A typical schematic of a settling tank can be seen on figure above.

To make sure the system have a positive pressure and oxygen free, pressure/vacuum valve complete with flame arrester and gas blanket shall be installed in all tanks. These equipments are needed to eliminate potential hazard.

The oil part from the oil-water emulsion will surface on the gunbarrel tank due its lower weight and can be skimmed off. The water will exits from the bottom through a water leg.



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