Wire Mesh Mist Extractor

Wire mesh mist eliminator

Wire mesh mist eliminator

Wire mesh mist extractor is made of stainless steel wire which form a woven mats wrapped into cylinder pack. The working principle is simple, liquid droplet will hit the mat and coalesce. Gas velocity is the main factor to achieve the effectiveness, so the velocity has to be at proper range. If the speed is too high the escaped liquid will be re-entrained. If the velocity is too low the liquid will vapor without forming the droplets because it failed to coalesce.

The wire mesh mist extractor is specified by thickness and mesh density. A typical wire mess with proper sizing can eliminate 99% of 10 micron or larger droplets. The common problem with wire mesh eliminators is the fact that they can get plugged easily.

1. Surface Production Operations, Ken Arnold and Maurice Stewart

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