Carryover in the Amine Plant

There is usually space in overhead system for separation, where most of the entrained amine solution particle in the vapor stream will settle out. Amine solution not settling out will be removed by mist eliminator. This prevents liquid amine from being carried out of the stripper and in to the overhead vapor line.

Carryover in the steel column resulted from foam build up caused by contaminated anime solution or dirty trays or packing, however it can also because from a high vapor rate. Carryover will happen continuously when the vapor rate is high enough to agitate the amine solution on the top tray so that foam form that is too tick form the mist eliminator to handle. When this happen the vapor rate must be reduce to eliminate carryover.

Level control in the stripper is important in stabilizing operation. The level controller should be adjusted as in the contactor to hold a uniform flow rate of lean amine out off the stripper. Flow rate surges will cause the re-boiler to operate inefficiently and may over loaded.

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