Oil Treating System Design Consideration

Crude oil outputted from production separator may contain some water. The water is removed from crude oil through an oil treating process. There are factors to consider designing the oil treating system. Some major factors are:

1. Emulsion tightness.
2. The oil and water specific gravity.
3. Fluid quantity and water ration.
4. Paraffin forming.
5. Operating pressure.
6. Water scaling.
7. Fluid corrosiveness

A typical method to separate the water in this emulsion is by heating the stream. If two immiscible liquids are heated it will deactivates their emulsifying agent and the dispersed water droplet could collide. The droplets will grow in size and begin to settle in the bottom of the vessel due to differences in specific gravity.

The water droplets need contact time so coalescence may occur. These droplets may settle in the bottom if they have sufficient buoyant forces. The treating system design consideration should include time, temperature, vessel the physical dimensions and viscous properties.



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