Authorized Inspector vs. ASNT Certified NDE Technician

A distinction should be made between the functions of Authorized Inspectors and ASNT (American Society of Nondestructive Testing) Certified NDE Technicians with regard to the in-service inspection of pressure vessels. An Authorized Inspector is required to have a knowledge of the ASME Code and NB Code (or API 510) rules and requirements, and must determine if the condition of a vessel is satisfactory for continued service with respect to these Codes. The ASNT Certified NDE Technician, on the other hand, must demonstrate proficiency with nondestructive examination procedures that are used to determine the extent of deterioration that has occurred during service. The Authorized Inspector may not, therefore, have the required skill to satisfactorily perform nondestructive examinations, but the ASNT Certified Technician cannot pass on the suitability of a vessel for continued service. These two functions are frequently performed by the same individual in an owner/operator organization, but this need not necessarily be the case.

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