Common Pressure Vessel Materials

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(1) Carbon steel. Grades commonly used for pressure vessel plates are SA 285 Grade C, SA 515 Grade 70 and SA 516 Grade 70. Choice will be determined by minimum design metal temperature and thickness. See Section 524.
(2) Clad carbon steel. Carbon steel clad with 12% Cr steel is covered by Specification SA 263. We usually designate a base metal plate (carbon steel per note 1 above) and the cladding as Type 405 or Type 410S. Refer to PVM-MS-1322.
(3) Low alloy steels. 1¼ Cr-½ Mo steel is covered by SA 387 Grade 11 (plate) and SA 336 F11 (forgings). 2¼ Cr-1 Mo steel is covered by SA 387 Grade 22 (plate) and SA 336 F22 (forgings).
(4) Carbon or low alloy steel clad with Type 321 or 347 stainless steel. These plates are covered by SA 264 for roll band cladding. Base metal plate is designated per notes 1 or 3 above. If forgings are used for shell components or if shell plates are thick, they will be weld overlay clad rather than roll band clad. Base metal will be designated per notes 1 and 3 above. Refer to PVM-MS-1322.

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