Recommended Practices

Code rules establish minimum construction standards for a pressure vessel. Because of the extremely wide scope of Section VIII, Division 1, however, higher quality standards are usually justified, except for the simplest of vessels in noncritical service:

• UM vessels (these pressure vessels have a volume and pressure limit).
• Utility pressure vessels, such as the air receivers supplied as part of a small noncritical air compressor package, and small noncritical refrigeration package equipment.

The principal areas where Company model specifications contain recommended provisions above Code requirements are:
• Protection against brittle fracture
• Sour service requirements
• Types of welded joints
• Nozzles
• Limits on using reinforcing pads
• Limits on using torispherical heads
• Limits on certain welding procedures
• Radiography
• Stress relief of cold-formed parts
• Preheat and postweld heat treatment requirements
• Hydrostatic tests

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