Vertical Three-phase Separators Feed Inlet

Feed may enter tangentially as shown in Figure 300-7 (expensive in a thick-wall vessel) or straight in with a right-angle turn (Figure 300-8). Feed pipe entry through the head, not shown, is another alternative; feed is released into the vessel at the same point as in the other designs. A shroud ring with a sloped ramp baffle is used to direct liquid to the wall. Radial width of the space within the shroud is 0.1 times vessel diameter. (Note that the cross-sectional area for vapor flow upward is reduced to 64% of its value elsewhere in the vapor space; this is taken into account by use of the derating factors in Section 362.) The inlet nozzle diameter is sized for velocity of 30 ft/sec. Height of the shroud ring is twice the inlet nozzle diameter.

Vertical, High Pressure Three-Phase Separator Data Sheet

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