Dirty Amine

Symptoms of a dirty, corrosive amine system are:

  • Carry-over of amine from the scrubbers.
  • Dilution of the amine system with water due to reboiler leaks.
  • Plugging of instrument taps with particulates in the amine.
  • Loss of amine to the sewer because of leaks.
  • Rich amine leaking into lean amine in the cross exchanger.

Problems related to improper operation of the regenerator are:

  • Too much H2S in sweet gas.
  • Excessive energy use in the regenerator reboiler.
  • Flooding in the regenerator tower.

The operating engineer troubleshooting an amine system should first draw a sample of lean amine into a glass container. If the unit is in trouble, the amine will be dirty.

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