Reboiler in Distillation Column


Another method uses to increase the purity of the product is called re-boiling. The bottom liquid that is drawn off of the tower is sent to a heater called re-boiler. The rest of bottom liquid is sent to storage or other unit in the plant as the tower bottom products. The re-boiler heats the liquid that it received so a mixture of vapor and liquid is formed. Depending on the system either vapors or mixture of vapors and liquid is then re-introduced into the tower. The hot vapors cause any lighter fractions in the liquid at the bottom to vaporize and move up the tower. This reduces the amount of lighter fraction in the bottom product. The re-boiler provides the major portion of the heat that is required to make distillation process works. The re-boiler is needed to provide enough additional heat to vaporize the lighter fraction in the tower so the product meets the specification.

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