Vertical Separator Working Principle

two phase vertical separator schematic

Two phase vertical separator schematic

The figure above is a schematic diagram of two phase vertical separator. In this vertical separator configuration the fluid enters the separator through the side. The initial separation process occurs at the inlet diverter causing the liquid droplets falls down to the collection section.

The liquid will flow down to the outlet; the entrained gas bubbles in the liquid will flow upward and leaves to the vapor space as the liquid reaches equilibrium. The level controller will maintain the liquid gas interface level; if it goes to high the level controller will give an open command to the outlet valve.

The gas that separated from the liquid will flows over the inlet diverter and continue upward to the gas outlet. The entrained liquid in the gas will form droplets and falls to the liquid gas interface section. Before the gas leaves the vessel, it will flow through a mist extractor to clear the gas from remaining liquids. To maintain the pressure, pressure controller will sense the pressure and control it by giving command to the gas outlet control valve.

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